Metal Stampings

As a build-to-print manufacturer, QFM Stamping provides cost and time

savings to a diverse group of OEM's and component producers.  Whether

your application involves new or existing parts and assemblies, QFM will

engineer a solution to your tooling and stamping needs.

QFM Stamping, Inc. has over 50 presses ranging from 16 to 800 tons. 

Our mechanical and hydraulic presses feature bed sizes up to 124 x 60. 

A complete line of new and refurbished equipment keeps QFM ahead of

customer demand.  A wide range of machinery and methods offer many

diverse stamping services at reduced costs with higher quality.  Press

diversity allows for a broad range of stamping capabilities.  With many

types of presses, production runs of large to small stampings are routine.


Press Operator


QFM Stamping, Inc.’s metal stamping capabilities include:

     -Part Design Support

     -Die Engineering

     -Die Build





 Stampings on display wall