Machining/Tool & Die


CNC & EDM Wire Machining

Combining the technology of our in house Wire EDM and CNC machining centers with

our time honored craftsmanship in machining and try-out is at the heart of the tool build

process.  All tool and die makers are seasoned senior professionals and have experience

in producing a variety of progressive, line and transfer dies.  This experience coupled with

the latest technology provides efficient and accurate tooling that meets each customer’s

most stringent demands.

The connection between design and engineering at each workstation allows all CAD

programming to be directly downloaded to all CNC equipment.  CAD programming

and construction runs concurrently, reducing lead times while maintaining quality and

delivery performance.

“Unattended” Wire EDM production and CNC machining are utilized at QFM.  Once

the program is set, the machines do the rest.  This reduces man-hours, eliminates

human error and provides significant cost-savings.




Stamping Dies

Specializing in Line, Progressive and Transfer Die Operations and Tooling.

QFM Stamping can engineer and build cost savings into every customer application. 

Advanced quality planning strategies ensure repeatability, consistency and reliability

through every phase of manufacturing.

The pursuit of excellence in tool and die making is the founding philosophy of QFM

Stamping, Inc.  That same philosophy is carried on today with a continuing commitment

to producing tooling that is Build-For-Production. 


Our customers are the driving force through every step in the tool building process. 

This ensures the design and engineering of dependable tooling that is built to last and

can endure the continuing demands of peak production.  All phases of tool building are

geared to providing maximum production uptime with minimal maintenance and repair. 

QFM Stamping meets or exceeds each customer’s demand for ever increasing quality

requirements and provides the greatest bottom line value.


Transfer Die Parts

 Some larger and complex parts need to be transferred from die station to station without

a connecting strip.  For those applications, QFM Stamping has designed transfer dies. 

This is a die that utilizes the equipment to transport the part from station to station without

a connecting strip required in a progressive die.  It is another method of reducing costs for

high quantity production parts.


Progressive Die Parts

Often parts can be made on a progressive die strip.  This allows several operations to be

made in a single press on a single die.  The advantage is a reduction in cost to make parts

as there is less operators needed for making the part.  QFM is capable of engineering and

building the dies.

   Tooling Picture