QFM Stamping, Inc.

QFM Stamping, Inc. is committed to the highest standards of quality, safety, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.



Providing a one-stop environment for your products.  Manufacturing, assembly, engineering, new tool construction, tool

repair and maintenance are all located on a 52-acre complex in Salem, Ohio with 45,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space.

We produce quality stampings on over 50 presses ranging from 16 to 800 tons.  We specialize in line, progressive, draw and transfer

dies.  Through our engineering department and manufacturing capabilities, we can work with our customers from product conception

through production.  We have experience in solving complex tooling and process requirements in new or existing parts and assemblies.

       In-house capabilities:


          -Robotic/Production Welding

          -MIG Welding

          -Plasma Welding


          -Spot Welding




As a full service company, QFM Stamping, Inc. can provide you with all the services that are often required by several suppliers.  QFM

is an affiliate company of Compco Industries, which has been in the metal stamping industry for over 60 years, specializing in high

quality ASME, DOT, and non-code tank heads.


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